Tendon clinic

Tendon pathologies can impair athletic
performance and affect every-day activities.

In order to recover from a tendon condition a thorough understanding of the condition is needed alongside an accurate diagnosis and identification of causative factors. Our tendon specialists have the necessary knowledge and experience, as well as the rehabilitation facilities to aid your recovery process.

A thorough history

Is carried out followed by a biomechanical assessment and strength profile. The detailed analysis is then discussed with you along with any relevant advice and an outline of your recovery plan. A detailed rehabilitation program is often designed for you as part of your recovery in order to improve the tendons load capacity and return you to full function and athletic performance as quickly as possible with minimal risk of tendon flare ups.
If imaging or alternative interventions are required, we work closely with many internationally renowned sports doctors and specialist orthopaedic consultants.

Initial consultation (up to 1 hour) – £75

Follow up appointment (30 minutes) – £55

Extended follow up appointment (1 hour) – £90

We’re here
to help.

What our patients say about us

Peter did some great work on my
neck in recent months and cannot recommend him enough.
Hope the new venture is a success.


Peter is everything one needs from a sports healthcare professional. He knows his onions, cares about his clients and, in my case at least, consistently and effectively solves the issues that bring me to him.

J. Kennedy Shamir

Peter is extremely competent and have sorted me out many times in the past and in the process again now.
Thank you and very rare to find such a competent osteopath.

T. Westerling

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