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Our osteopaths, physiotherapists and chiropractors treat shoulder injuries at Acer House Practice near Sevenoaks.

Acer House Practice’s facilities include a wonderfully designed, superbly equipped gym, which has been designed to help your fitness journey towards your personal health and wellbeing goals.

We also have a highly qualified and experienced specialist personal training team to encourage you to stay motivated. And if you need medical support, our in-house physiotherapists and rehabilitation experts can advise and guide you.

Our gym is here to support everyone, whatever your age or fitness levels.
To us, it doesn’t matter where you are when you start. What matters is that you start.

We don’t charge membership fees, and the practice has good mobility access.

About the Acer House Practice Gym

We asked a renowned designer to help us create our beautiful, light, and spacious gym so that you could have a great experience while you are working out; one that we think is hard to match.

Here, and with the help of your personal trainer if required, you can combine all kinds of training. If you are looking to get fitter, our gym has state-of-the-art equipment to provide you with everything you need to reach your strength, balance, cardiovascular, and/or flexibility targets.
For Acer House Practice patients, our gym supports and extends our care beyond the treatment room; the aim being to help maximise and, if possible, speed-up your recovery while lessening the chances of a recurrence of your problem.

You can work-out in your own time or get the help and support of our personal trainers, Martina and Mitch.

Acer House Practice, Sevenoaks, has a superb gym and highly experienced Personal Training Team
Acer House Practice, Sevenoaks, Personal Trainers to Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals

Personal Training at the Acer House Gym

We want your path to your fitness goals to be specific and focused on you and for it to be enjoyable as well as transformative.

If you would like to work under expert supervision and supported by a plan bespoke to you, then our personal trainers, Martina and Mitch will be delighted to help. Both are highly recommended by their clients (see Testimonials).

We know that personal training isn’t just about exercise, it’s also about a change of lifestyle, setting up personal growth, a sense of renewal, and (for some) becoming more confident with their body image.

Our personal trainers are there with you, helping you towards achieving your objectives and keeping you focused, whether your aims are to lose weight, get in better shape, or improve your fitness and strength.

Mitch and Martina will work closely with you at all stages, mentoring and encouraging you, and then helping you to maintain your fitness.

Just as importantly, they will ensure that you enjoy working out, at your preferred pace!

They will help you:

  • Achieve your transformation through a personalised training programme.
  • Define realistic fitness goals that ensure your progress and maintain your motivation.
  • Use our on-site gym equipment safely and effectively to maximise your workout benefits.
  • Create exercise routines that keep you stimulated and prevent workout plateaus.
  • Track and monitor your health and fitness, celebrating achievements along the way.
  • Discover the inner drive and necessary self-belief to realise your fitness ambitions.
Acer House Practice's Personal Trainers Support Clients of All Ages & Abilities
Acer House Practice's Personal Trainers Can Help Support Clients of All Ages & Abilities

How does Personal Training differ from Strength and Conditioning?

Alongside personal training we also offer strength and conditioning

Strength and conditioning is a service operating by referral from our medical and physical therapy teams. It is aimed at people who either have a condition which requires supervised rehabilitation, or those who have a specific athletic or sporting goal that requires a carefully structured exercise programme.

These are planned, written, and supervised programmes, overseen by our specialist, degree-qualified team.

Meanwhile, our personal training services are focused on broader fitness goals.

One-to-one personal training session – £55 per 45-minute session

Block of 10 sessions – £485

Independent workout sessions – £15

We’re here
to help.

What our patients say about us

Martina is incredible. Weekly sessions have helped me build strength, fitness and confidence which has resulted in much less back pain. Martina has been able to base a training programme around my back problems (taking guidance from Pete after a couple of osteo sessions).
Highly recommend a block booking if you’re rehabbing from an injury.

Rachel P:

I’m so happy I met Mitch and can’t thank him enough! I’ve always done regular exercise but never got the results I wanted. Since meeting Mitch he has helped me so much – with both my workouts and showing me how I can be flexible with what I eat.

Jade L:

I’ve seen Martina and Peter at Acer House Practice and have learnt so much from them both.

Experts in their field and the knowledge they have is outstanding! Highly recommend them both, plus the practice is amazing.

Anton M:

Our Clinic

Located in the picturesque village of Farningham in Kent, Acer House Practice is easily accessed by road and public transport with free parking on site or within the village.

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