Nutrition Consultation

Well balanced nutrition ensures you are set up with the foundations for good health and wellbeing. However, knowing what to eat, when to eat and whether you are eating in a way that supports optimal health can be confusing. Whether you are looking to enhance your sporting performance, decrease your risk of health-related diseases or just need some general guidance on how to improve your health through nutrition then a consultation with a nutritionist will provide you with the right guidance tailored to you. A nutritionist can help you to identify areas where you may be able to improve your nutritional intake to enhance your overall health and wellbeing, and also utilised as a treatment alongside allied-health modalities.

The areas a nutritionist can support you with include:

  • Sports nutrition

  • Addressing challenges such as food allergies or intolerances

  • Symptoms of IBS, bloating, indigestion

  • Weight management (either weight loss or weight gain)

  • Personalised meal plans to promote either health or performance

  • Optimal nutrition for recovery from illness or injury

  • Management of health-related conditions such as high blood pressure and cholesterol

  • Management of type 2 diabete

  • Eating with celiac disease

  • Food selection and food preparation

  • To gain general healthy eating advice to support optimal health

  • Assessment and analysis of dietary practices

What to expect

Before your consultation you will be asked to complete a detailed 3 day food diary and health questionnaire. This is to give the nutritionist an understanding your overall health status, diet and lifestyle.

During your first consultation the Nutritionist will discuss your health history and identify what your goals are. There will be a detailed review of your current dietary practices, sleep patterns, exercise, digestion and supplementation.

Based on this information the Nutritionist will propose an individualised nutrition plan. This may be a specific plan to follow or a generalised plan. This will be decided once the nutritionist gains a clearer understanding of your desired goals.
A follow up appointment is often recommended 1 month after your initial appointment to assess how you are progressing, identify any areas you may be struggling with and adapt the plan if and necessary. Between appointments the nutritionist will often be able to offer email support if required.

Initial Consultation (1 Hour) – £60

Follow up appointments – £45 (30 minutes)

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Peter did some great work on my
neck in recent months and cannot recommend him enough.
Hope the new venture is a success.


Peter is everything one needs from a sports healthcare professional. He knows his onions, cares about his clients and, in my case at least, consistently and effectively solves the issues that bring me to him.

J. Kennedy Shamir

Peter is extremely competent and have sorted me out many times in the past and in the process again now.
Thank you and very rare to find such a competent osteopath.

T. Westerling

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